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How can we help you

We know that the law, in the right hands, can be a fair and decent force for good. It is a practical tool for positive change and can make amazing things happen.

Use the law to build a better, fairer and greener future

If the law is only available to the rich it becomes a tool of the rich – something only they can use to embed their wealth and their power. We want everyone to be able to use the law. Here are some of the ways we can help.

The cases we take

We want to use the law to hold power to account, tackle the climate crisis and uphold the rights of the most marginalised groups.

We look for cases with legal merit and campaigning potential that speak to our values and bring closer the world we want.

When we take a case we will generally meet all the legal costs of bringing that case and cover the costs if it loses. And we will drive – across social media, direct mail and in the traditional media – the campaign that runs alongside the case.

Although these criteria sound broad they are quite narrow. So we don’t bring that many cases ourselves.

Using our law firm

Good Law Project owns and funds one of the country’s only not-for-profit law firms, Good Law Practice. It has specialists in judicial review, protest law, human rights, discrimination law, environmental law, inquest law, defamation law and violence against women. 

Good Law Practice is expert in strategic litigation. If we can’t take on your case, it might be that it can.

We fund Good Law Practice so it can act for us, but we also pay for it so it can act for others – primarily organisations, but also individuals who share our vision of what a better world looks like. 

Because we already pay for Good Law Practice, using it will be much cheaper than normal law firms. Sometimes it will act on a no win no fee basis, sometimes even for free. It can help you set up crowdfunding pages (it’s best if you approach it before you set up a crowdfunding page).

The cases Good Law Practice is most likely to take on for you are cases that are important but are unlikely to have the national reach that we are interested in – or involve work in areas that are important but that we don’t presently have the capacity to work in. 

Good Law Practice can also advise you on how best to use the law to further your aims and can work with you on policy analysis and creation.

If you think your case might meet these criteria, you can reach Good Law Practice here