Electoral Commission Challenge

We believed the Electoral Commission had failed both to investigate Vote Leave’s overspending and properly to apply the law. The Electoral Commission denied both allegations but a day before they knew we were going to start our claim against them, they agreed to reopen the investigation into Vote Leave. They subsequently agreed with us that Vote Leave had overspent – a decision Vote Leave accepted.

We continued with our claim against them for failing properly to apply the law. The case is currently before the Supreme Court.

Previous Updates

Electoral Commission Judicial Review – Statement

Yesterday, the High Court refused to grant us permission to proceed with our judicial review of the Electoral Commission. It expressed concerns about the quality of the investigation undertaken by the Electoral Commission and said…

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Materials in our DUP/CRC JR against the Electoral Commission

This is our letter that started the judicial review process against the Electoral Commission.
Here is the Electoral Commission’s response (the Response).
Here is our letter to the Electoral Commission informing it we intend to publish the…

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Another defeat for the Electoral Commission

Earlier this afternoon two Court of Appeal judges sitting in the High Court handed down a short further judgment in respect of Good Law Project’s judicial review of the Electoral Commission. You can read the…

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Challenging the Electoral Commission

The Good Law Project has today written to the Electoral Commission demanding it reopens its investigation into whether Vote Leave was guilty of criminal conduct in relation to referendum overspending.
The letter is the formal precursor…

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