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A selection of news articles covering the Good Law Project in the last six months.

“Electoral Commission had ‘concerns’ over dark money scandal”, The National, 6th October 2018

“Watchdog voiced concern about DUP ‘dark money’ before spiking probe”, The Irish News, 6th October 2018

“European Court of Justice to consider whether UK can backtrack on Brexit”, The Independent, 6th October 2018

“November date set for Brexit court case”, BBC News, 5th October 2018

“Barrister taking legal action over Electoral Commission’s decision not to investigate DUP Brexit donation”, Belfast Telegraph, 5th October 2018

“DUP donation: Electoral Commission challenged over decision not to investigate”, BBC News, 5th October 2018

“How the Electoral Commission turned blind eye to DUP’s shady Brexit cash”, openDemocracy, 5th October 2018

“Campaigners in court bid to expose ‘whitewash’ probe into pro-Brexit donation to DUP”, The Herald, 5th October 2018

“EU court to rule on Brexit reversal”, The Times, 22nd September 2018

“Landmark legal victory could see Brexit halted at 11th hour”, The Herald, 21st September 2018

“May Dealt Brexit Setback as Article 50 Sent to EU Highest Court”, Bloomberg, 21st September 2018

“Scottish court refers Article 50 ruling to Brussels”, FT, 21st September 2018

“Legal action to revoke article 50 referred to European court of justice”, The Guardian, 21st September 2018

“Brexit: Electoral Commission seeks to appeal against ruling”, BBC, 21st September 2018

“Brexiters face fresh scrutiny over EU referendum spending”, FT, 19th September 2018

“The High Court case which could reveal the DUP’s secret Brexit donors”, openDemocracy, 18th September 2018

“Court ruling prompts call for fresh DUP ‘dark money’ probe”, The Irish News, 17th September 2018

“EU referendum ‘stolen by lawbreakers,’ says SNP MP Deirdre Brock after successful court challenge”, The Herald, 15th September 2018

“UK court rules against electoral watchdog in Brexit spending row”, Reuters, 14th September 2018

“Campaigners win court ruling over Vote Leave spending”, The Herald, 14th September 2018

“Now the judges agree – the vote for Brexit was clearly tainted” by Jolyon Maugham, The Guardian, 14th September 2018

“Electoral Commission gave wrong advice to Vote Leave, says court”, Channel 4 News, 14th September 2018

“Elections watchdog got law wrong on Brexit donations, court rules”, The Guardian, 14th September 2018

“Can Britain alone stop Brexit? Scottish court hears appeal”, Reuters, 15th August 2018

“Government to face IWGB union in landmark court case for outsourced workers’ rights”, The Independent, 7th August 2018

“Don’t be tricked out of your rights” by Jolyon Maugham QC, The Times, 19th July 2018

“Brexit: Will the EU referendum be re-run after Vote Leave was referred to police for breaking electoral law?”, The Independent, 17th July 2018

“Vote Leave: What You Need To Know About Why The Brexit Campaign Has Been Accused Of Breaking The Law”, Huffington Post UK, 17th July 2018

“If Vote Leave has cheated the will of the people, MPs must take action” by Jolyon Maugham, The Guardian, 4th July 2018

“Capita halts ‘Victorian-style’ fee clawbacks from former trainees”, FT, 24th June 2018

“Vote Leave donations should have been treated as expenses, High Court told”, The New European, 19th June 2018

“Legal action planned over training costs”, Radio 4’s Money Box, 17th June 2018

“Government urged to investigate Capita and FDM Group’s training schemes”, The Guardian, 16th June 2018

“Capita faces legal action after hitting graduates with bills for thousands when they try to leave”, The Independent, 1st June 2018

“Capita’s wily scheme locks naive graduates into tied servitude” by Jolyon Maugham QC, The Guardian, 1st June 2018

“Capita and FDM Group face legal action from former employees over exit fees”, The Guardian, 1st June 2018

“Think tank ‘crossed the line’ on Brexit, Charity Commission finds”, The Ferret, 1st June 2018


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