We choose decency. We choose compassion. We choose justice.

Please sign to help ensure justice for all victims of Grenfell.

The document that founds our values as a nation, our gift to the world, the Magna Carta, says:

“to no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay right or justice”

But is this a lie we tell ourselves the better to sleep in our comfortable beds? Or does it have actual meaning – does it bite when it matters?

We must ask these questions after Grenfell. We must ask them now because they matter now.

If you have options you don’t make your home in Grenfell Tower. You lived there only if you lacked an alternative. If your circumstances forced you to place too low a premium on your safety. People on the margins, sharing high-density, unsafe, sometimes illegally sub-let or over-occupied, spaces. People unable to command a proper wage. People in the UK without proper documents.

What happens to those most vulnerable people now? Homeless, destitute, sick, or worse? Can they reach out for help? Can they access Government monies? Can they ask for some compensation for injury or death?

The truth is this.

Confronted with a threat of deportation, how can anyone ask for help, for justice? Knowing it may be cheaper by far for the Government to expel them? Better perhaps to melt back destitute, physically diminished, into the shadowlands.

But we all have the right to the protection of the law. That’s what the Magna Carta says. In a country like the United Kingdom we are all entitled to sleep safely. That the weakest amongst us should be so woefully let down by authorities – and then denied justice for that betrayal is intolerable. We should not tolerate it.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government to announce an immediate amnesty, with permanent residency, for surviving occupants of Grenfell Tower.


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