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Latest 20 September 2023

As the PM goes cold on net zero we are keeping up the legal heat

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Rishi Sunak’s shameful rowing back on key climate pledges shows why the legal challenge we are bringing with Friends of the Earth and ClientEarth is more important than ever. We are holding the Government to account to ensure their plans to reduce emissions are effective and transparent.

The Prime Minister’s destructive new plans are designed only to grab headlines and a political gamble to please the right wing of his party. But the stakes for the environment are much higher. And most people agree that we must do better than this – and we can.

We believe the Government’s current policies to reduce emissions are already inadequate and unlawful. The last thing we need is for them to be weakened further.

In fact, through our latest legal action, we have forced the Government to disclose to us that its latest net zero plan is already fraught with risks.

We are now going back to court to demand the Government reveals how successful the Carbon Budget Delivery Plan is likely to be for each individual government department. 

Ministers have refused to make these ‘risk tables’ public and in the next few months we’ll have a hearing in the High Court to try and force the Government to publish them for all to see. 

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This is the second time we have taken legal action against the Government over net zero. Last year, we teamed up with Friends of the Earth and ClientEarth, and went to the High Court to successfully force the Government to rewrite its woefully inadequate net zero strategy. 

But the renewed plan isn’t up to scratch either – and to make matters worse it is now about to be stripped back further.

We want to help the public and Parliament hold the Government to account on its new net zero strategy and to stop Ministers from hiding vital information.

But to bring this legal challenge, we need your help. Any donation, whether big or small, will help us fight for our planet and you can support us here.