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Money for their mates

High Court rules Michael Gove broke the law by giving a contract to a communications agency run by long time associates of him and Dominic Cummings.

The Court found that the decision to award the £560,000 contract to Public First was tainted by “apparent bias” and was unlawful.

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We’re recruiting: Director of Partnerships (maternity cover)

We are recruiting for maternity leave cover for our Director of Partnerships.  You will report to our Executive Director.  Salary: £62,000 per annum pro rata with generous benefits including enhanced pension contribution, 25 days annual holidays plus...

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Clinically vulnerable families: Government is giving mixed messages about school absence

With a barrage of mixed messages from Government, it’s no wonder that clinically vulnerable families who wish to keep their children home from school until they are better protected from Covid are still facing obstacles.   In...

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Government is ramping up its costs

Government has hit us with a shock legal bill in our challenge with Runnymede over their appointment of Conservative Peer Dido Harding and her ex-colleague Mike Coupe to run the disastrous Test and Trace programme...

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We’re continuing to fight for justice for Dylan Lee

At the inquest into Dylan Lee’s death in August, the Coroner decided it wasn’t in his remit to consider whether years of alleged racial harassment, and failures by local police to respond to this, could...

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Government is acting like a mobster to its own MPs

It’s not much fun being a Tory backbench MP at the moment. Just when you think things couldn’t get any seedier, No 10 is reportedly threatening to withdraw funding for their constituencies if they don’t...

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Public First: We’re in Court tomorrow

Tomorrow, we’re in Court. The Government is appealing the High Court’s ruling that it acted unlawfully – that there was apparent bias – in its award of a contract to associates of Dominic Cummings and...

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Our new family leave policy: Practising what we preach

Every day, Good Law Project campaigns for good governance, justice and equality. We’re trying to make the UK a better, fairer place to live, and we aim to practise what we preach. That’s why we’ve...

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This proves your voice has power

Paul Dacre, the former editor of the Daily Mail, has pulled out of the running for the top job at Ofcom.  He made the announcement on Friday, just one week after 90,000 of you signed the...

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Metropolitan Police must investigate the ‘Cash for Peerages’ scandal

A peculiar trend has been spotted in the House of Lords. Have you noticed it? It looks a bit like high-value donors to the Tory party are being ‘awarded’ a peerage as thanks for massive...

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We will not be silenced

Good Law Project has been threatened with defamation proceedings by P14 Medical Limited, a company which secured £276 million worth of PPE contracts without competition. P14 is run by former Conservative councillor, and party donor, Steve...

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We’re hiring: Video and Multimedia Producer

About Good Law Project Good Law Project’s mission is to achieve change through the law. We defend, define and change the law to protect the environment, uphold democracy, and ensure no one is left behind. We...

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Who else benefitted from links to Lord Feldman?

A month after Lord Feldman – who runs a lobbying company called Tulchan – was brought into the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) one of its clients, Bunzl, was awarded a £22.6m PPE...

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Some councils aren’t listening – we’re taking action

Last month, the Secretary of State for Education conceded that schools could authorise Covid-related absences for pupils who are particularly clinically vulnerable, or who have vulnerable family members – contrary to what Government guidance suggested.  Of...

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Revealed: Then there were 50! Government comes clean about three new “VIPs”

Late last night, Government published its list of the firms given red-carpet treatment in its lucrative ‘VIP’ lane – and the politicians and party donors who referred them. The Government was forced to release the names...

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Take over our director’s Twitter account for a day

At Good Law Project, we’re probably best-known for our work scrutinising and holding the Government to account.  But another essential part of our existence is supporting marginalised and under-represented communities and amplifying their voices.  We call this...

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His name was Dylan Lee

Trigger warning: suicide, racist language We want to tell you about a young man called Dylan Lee. Dylan was a promising teenager from County Durham. He was a loving older brother, did well at school, and was...

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LEAKED: The Conservative politicians who referred companies to the PPE ‘VIP lane’

A leaked document has revealed which Conservative MPs and Peers funnelled companies through a ‘VIP lane’ for lucrative PPE contracts, without competition. A staggering £1.6 billion worth of contracts were awarded as a result of...

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Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children are being failed

Guest blog by Pauline Anderson OBE, Traveller Movement Chair of Trustees Did you know that if a child in a school in England is the victim of racial abuse or bullying, schools have no formal obligations...

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Time to stop the rot

The UK may be the only democracy in the world without a written constitution – a ‘higher’ law or code to which all others must conform. Until now, we haven’t seen the need for binding rules....

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An apology from Jo

We want to be an organisation that puts its hands up promptly and fulsomely when we get stuff wrong. “Live your values” is what I say in my Twitter bio – and it’s right that...

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Vulnerable families and school attendance – where are we now?

Guest advice blog by Dan Rosenberg, Partner at Simpson Millar As children returned to school in September, I acted for Good Law Project and three individual co-claimants in proposed proceedings against the Education Secretary regarding families...

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Government refuses to reveal details of PM’s meeting with BP, saying it’s ‘not in the public interest’

An investigation by Good Law Project and Open Democracy can reveal that details of a meeting between Boris Johnson and oil company BP are to be kept secret, the Government has said, claiming it would...

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Paul Dacre: a rigged appointment

When it comes to the Prime Minister’s allies, there’s a pattern emerging in Downing Street. When Boris Johnson doesn’t like the outcome of an official process, he tries to rip up the rules and start...

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Government stonewalling over the PM’s correspondence with David Cameron – what does Boris Johnson have to hide?

On 14 April, as the UK was gripped by news of David Cameron’s lobbying scandal, Boris Johnson was being grilled in the House of Commons. Johnson said he couldn’t remember the last time he spoke...

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This really stinks

In 2018, United Utilities, the behemoth which operates the water and sewage systems in the North West of England, quietly started a claim in the commercial courts against the operators of the Manchester Ship Canal....

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REVEALED: Conservative MP Siobhan Baillie referred PPE suppliers to the ‘VIP’ lane

Siobhan Baillie, MP for Stroud, stated emphatically in a letter to Ecotricity founder Dale Vince in March 2021 that she had “never helped anyone receive or apply for any government contract for any product or...

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We were right all along: Information Commissioner agrees Ministers should use official communication channels

Our challenge over Ministers’ use of private emails and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal has two simple but important questions at the heart of it. Firstly, why are senior Ministers and officials using private...

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Our democracy is under threat

Last night, Conservative MPs voted to rip up the rules to protect one of their own.  Conservative MP Owen Paterson had been found guilty of breaching paid advocacy rules for accepting £100,000 a year from a...

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REVEALED: Minister’s partner’s firm awarded lucrative Covid contracts

An investigation by Good Law Project can reveal that the partner of Michelle Donelan, the Minister of State for Universities, heads up the commercial unit at a PPE company that has been awarded numerous PPE...

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EXCLUSIVE: Private hospitals were paid over £1.5 billion during the pandemic

Documents released by NHS England after a long-running FOI battle with Good Law Project reveal that eight private sector providers were paid an eye-watering £1.69 billion by NHS England during the pandemic. NHS England released the spend...

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Private testing firm Immensa missed quarter of positive Covid cases in South West – Government must get a grip

Imagine you’ve been in contact with someone who has Covid. So, you do the right thing and order a PCR test. You are relieved when the test comes back negative – and you continue to...

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Charity Commission: Nadine Dorries has not backed down – we’re launching full legal proceedings

Two days before interviews began for a new chair of the Charity Commission, the Government published an article on the Gov.uk website explaining that whoever they hired would be required to “rebalance” charities away from...

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