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Good Law Project is a not for profit campaign organisation that uses the law for a better world.

We know that the law, in the right hands, can be a fair and decent force for good. It is a practical tool for positive change and can make amazing things happen. 

We are proud to be primarily funded by members of the public, which keeps us fiercely independent.

We want to inspire hope in difficult times by showing that you can make a difference, with the backing of good law. Our mission is to use the law to hold power to account, protect the environment, and ensure no one is left behind. You can learn more about our organisation and achievements in 2022-23 in our annual report.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We use monthly and one-off donations to cover the staff and other costs of researching potential cases, developing and progressing our litigation, keeping our donors and supporters updated and communicating more widely about our work, ensuring that our finances are well-managed and controlled and running our organisation. Case-specific donations are used to cover the costs of the relevant litigation, with a modest contribution towards our ongoing core costs. Any case funds remaining after all the litigation costs have been covered are used in accordance with the case details published.

  • One of the most important decisions we make relates to which litigation to take forward. We select the legal cases that we progress in accordance with clear board-approved criteria.

  • We’re in the business of making change happen. Read more about our work and how we make a difference.

  • Unfortunately, we do not currently have the capacity to take on volunteers or offer work experience. If this changes in the future, any opportunities will be posted here.