What We Do

We use the law to deliver a progressive society.

We fight cases to defend, define or change the law in the following areas:

Brexit – holding the government to account to protect the NHS and our social protections as they deliver Brexit.
Tax – we all need what our taxes buy. We all have to pay our share.
Workers’ Rights – no one should get rich exploiting the vulnerable. Where Government policy lets workers down, we will step in.

In time we will work in other areas too. On our list are welfare, intergenerational fairness and refugees.

We are democrats. We use litigation to drive law change. But we also use litigation to drive demand for law change. We will educate and we will energise.

Our values

To deliver a progressive society

We use the law to advance a progressive, responsive and forward-looking society.

To hold government to account

We use litigation to hold the UK government to account, especially when the Opposition is weak.

To be strategic

Through a rigorous process we select strategic cases that seek to defend, define or change the law.

To inform

We act as a focal point for expert commentary, education and engagement around important legal issues.

To be bold

Nothing difficult is ever achieved by simply being agreeable. So we aren’t.

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