About Us

Good Law Project is a not-for-profit campaign organisation that uses the law to protect the interests of the public. We fight cases that defend, define or change the law and we use litigation to engage and educate. We challenge abuses of power, exploitation, inequality, and injustice.

We are a bold organisation with a ground-breaking track record. We speak the truth and act with integrity. You can learn more about our organisation and our achievements in 2021 in our annual report.

Good Law Project is a private not for profit company limited by guarantee (Company Registration Number 10556197).  You can read our Articles of Association here. Our Code of Conduct is available here. Our assets and funding are used for the benefit of the community and no one in the organisation can be paid more than the annual salary of a backbench UK MP. We maintain a strategic risk register which is reviewed and updated at every board meeting.
Good Law Project is primarily funded by members of the public through regular and one-off donations, as well as crowd-funded donations to cover the costs of specific litigation. We are incredibly grateful to all our supporters without whom we could not continue our work. Regular and one-off donations fund the core costs of our strategic litigation programme, including costs of legal staff who identify and develop our cases. They also cover our general running costs, including our financial management and administration, donor support and fundraising activities. For all grants and donations given for specific activities, the Good Law Project takes 10% to cover our core running costs. We are committed to transparency in our finances, and we accept donations and grants in accordance with the donations policy. We are hugely grateful to have received support from Avaaz, Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, Lund Trust, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, Necessity, 38 Degrees, and Dale Vince, CEO of Ecotricity. Our accounts for the year to 31 January 2022 can be found here. We publish information about our finances in our annual report each year. Our 2021 annual report is available here.
The Good Law Project manages its finances in accordance with policies and procedures approved by its board. We do not exist to generate a profit. We plan to match our expenditure with our income whilst maintaining a reasonable level of reserves to ensure that we are able to respond to opportunities and adapt should we face adverse events.
We use monthly and one-off donations to cover the staff and other costs of researching potential cases, developing and progressing our litigation, keeping our donors and supporters updated and communicating more widely about our work, ensuring that our finances are well-managed and controlled and running our organisation. Case-specific donations are used to cover the costs of the relevant litigation, with a modest contribution towards our ongoing core costs. Any case funds remaining after all the litigation costs have been covered are used in accordance with the case details published.
One of the most important decisions we make relates to which litigation to take forward. We select the legal cases that we progress in accordance with clear board-approved criteria.
We're in the business of making change happen. You can read more about our work and how we make a difference here.
You can read more about our Senior Management Team and our Board here: https://goodlawproject.org/our-people/
Good Law Practice is currently recruiting a Practice Solicitor and a Communications Manager.
Unfortunately, we do not currently have the capacity to take on volunteers or offer work experience. If this changes in the future, any opportunities will be posted here.