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With an election imminent, it’s crucial we continue to defend democracy and hold the powerful to account.

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Latest 20 April 2022

A better society is possible

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Good Law Project started back in 2017, founded on the simple belief that the law had a role to play in creating a better society.

In the last few years, thanks to talented lawyers, expert partners and hundreds of thousands of people like you, our impact has been vast. We revealed the truth about the PPE contract scandal, filling newspaper columns, social media feeds and prompting ongoing debate in the heart of Government. Our legal action helped force a police investigation into the No 10 parties. And Ministers we have focused on are no longer in post.

But the truth is, our work is getting more and more challenging. We have seen eye-watering costs from the Government which are, we believe, quite clearly designed to scare us off. There is a steady drumbeat of attacks on us from Ministers and threats targeted at judges to curb judicial review. This is not a government that likes being held to account. And advice we commissioned from top QC Conor Gearty and leading junior barrister Kirsten Sjøvoll does signal a “change in judicial mood” in the Supreme Court which is filtering down to other courts. An analysis of the data supports this notion.

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Faced with this hostility, it would be easy to pack up and give in. But what we are building together – a fairer, more equal society – is too important. 

So, we will adapt.

The change in judicial mood is most intensive when it comes to challenges to poor governance. But when it makes sense, we will continue cases we have started and bring new cases we still think we can win. In some instances, the best decision will be to withdraw. We will back more cases brought by others. And when Ministers tell you lies, we will continue to publish the truth.

And we want to go further. We will help communities litigate for themselves. We will introduce lawyers to the causes they want to support. And you will see us using the law more and more to tackle poverty – and its effects. In the coming weeks and months, you will see the launch of some major new initiatives.

The law will remain central to everything we do, as will our commitment to hold those in power to account. But our work will feel a little different.

At the heart of Good Law Project is the belief that a better society is possible and the law can help realise that vision. That remains as true today as it did when Good Law Project started five years ago.

So, we will change. We will adapt. But we’re not going anywhere. 

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