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Latest 16 February 2023

Bringing Down Goliath

Our Executive Director, Jo Maugham, is pleased to announce his upcoming book.

Later today, WH Allen, part of Penguin Random House, will announce the publication of my new book, Bringing Down Goliath – How Good Law Can Topple the Powerful.

The book tells my story – my journey from homelessness at 16 to Queen’s Counsel and then campaigning lawyer – and why I believe the rule of law is under threat like never before. And it tells of Good Law Project – how it came to be, its successes and its future. 

I’m really excited to share the book with you – and I insisted on telling our supporters first because, without you, there would be no book.

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I run Good Law Project – but it is you who makes it happen. You share your tips and leaks with us, you drive our campaigns by sharing our messages far and wide, and most importantly of all, it is your financial support that pays the bills. We have very few large donors – less than 10% of our income comes from people giving us more than £10k – so we are beholden to no one. Except to you.

We are the arrow but you draw the bow.

The book will be published on 27 April 2023 and, to celebrate the launch, we’re offering a special signed edition to a limited number of buyers. Just click on the link here to get one of those copies – which Waterstones will send out promptly on publication day.

I’m very proud of the book – and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Jolyon Maugham

Executive Director, Good Law Project

Pre-order Bringing Down Goliath – How Good Law Can Topple the Powerful from Waterstones here.