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Legal action over A-Level results fiasco

We have received hundreds of emails from devastated students, whose grades have been downgraded and who have lost their university places and job offers, lost funding and scholarships, and completely lost their faith that their Government will help.

Case updates

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Case overview

Because without an adequate appeal mechanism, there is almost nothing they can do. There is no appeal based on merits, however much they were downgraded by.

We have written to Ofqual to say that they have a duty to create a scheme that is procedurally fair and they have failed. There is a systemic problem with the scheme that gives rise to an unacceptable risk of procedural unfairness.  Ofqual has also breached its obligation to ensure that “regulated qualifications give a reliable indication of knowledge, skills and understanding” and to “promote public confidence in regulated qualifications”. You can read our letter here.