Dublin Case

The Good Law Project sought to establish, via the High Court of Ireland, whether our Parliament could, if it wanted to, reverse our decision to leave the EU.

We sought a referral to the Court of Justice of the EU of the question whether Article 50, once triggered, could unilaterally be revoked by the British government. Do we or don’t we need the consent of all other 27 EU member states.

For the reasons set forth in this blog post, we decided to discontinue the case.

We later relitigated the point successfully in the case brought by us with Andy Wightman MSP and others, which is covered here.

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Previous Updates

Dublin Case Update: Our Decision to Discontinue

Along with the other Plaintiffs, Jonathan Bartley, Keith Taylor and Steven Agnew, I have taken stock of progress made on the Dublin case, its prospects going forward and changes in the wider political setting. With…

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Dublin Case Update: Initial Hearing Date

Last week I wrote to you with a link to our written case. You can read it here. I also promised that we should now be able to make good progress.
Theresa May has triggered Article…

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Dublin Case Update: We Have Filed Our Written Legal Case

We always want to move quickly, don’t we? Especially those of us who know that, even if Brexit is reversed, the uncertainty does enormous damage. We have not been able to move as quickly as…

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Uk Green Party Leaders Join Irish Brexit Court Case

UK Green Party leaders are among the politicians named today as plaintiffs in the ‘Dublin Case’ which seeks legal clarity on revocability of Article 50.
Jonathan Bartley, Co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales,…

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Brexit Litigation to Commence in Irish Courts

Dublin Case Press Release
A letter before action, the precursor step to proceedings in the Irish High Court, will tomorrow (13 January 2017) be issued to clarify EU citizenship rights in the event of the UK’s…

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