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Help us fight dangerous misinformation on gambling

GambleAware should be helping people quit gambling. Instead it’s propping up an industry that preys on the public. It’s time for the Charity Commission to step up.

Widow and campaigner, Annie Ashton
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Case overview


Luke Ashton took his own life in April 2021 after a significant increase in his gambling. Luke had first started gambling with Betfair in 2012 and tried to exclude himself with the operator on a number of occasions before his gambling escalated, worsening still when he was furloughed in October 2020. In the weeks leading up to Luke’s death, he was sometimes placing over 100 bets per day, spending entire days gambling. A coroner concluded that his death was caused by a gambling disorder and that Betfair missed opportunities to “intervene meaningfully” as his addiction worsened.

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