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Net Zero: The Government must take the climate crisis seriously

Good Law Project has launched a new challenge against the Government over its completely inadequate Net Zero strategy for tackling the climate crisis.

There is no way the Government’s Net Zero strategy meets its legal obligations under the Climate Change Act. The Government may have set out a vision, but it hasn’t set out the specific policies needed to lead us to Net Zero, and it isn’t measuring the emissions reductions its initiatives are meant to achieve. So, while the Government has set the grand target of Net Zero by 2050, it fails to set out how we will actually get there. We believe this is unlawful.

What’s more, the Government is, inexplicably, refusing to release the documents that set out its calculations of expected emissions reductions. We have applied to the Court to force them to disclose these documents.

The climate crisis isn’t a distant problem. It’s happening now. We’re already seeing its effects every day.

We’re taking legal action to force the Government to revise and strengthen the strategy by 30 June this year. We want it to set out data-driven plans to ensure the UK actually delivers the carbon cuts required to hit its climate targets.

There can be no more delays. We need a strategy that covers the entire country and puts real energy, support and resources behind this.

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