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False negatives cost lives

The Covid testing lab Immensa, based in the West Midlands, told tens of thousands of people that they had tested negative for Covid – when they had in fact tested positive. This led to dozens of deaths. We challenged the awarding of the contract and failure by the Government to ensure the lab met basic standards.

Imagine you’ve been in contact with someone who has Covid. So, you do the right thing and order a PCR test. You are relieved when the test comes back negative – and you continue to take your children to school, go to work, and care for your elderly relatives.

Then, six weeks later, you are contacted by a private testing firm that tells you you’re at the centre of one of the biggest scandals of the pandemic so far…

Along with tens of thousands of others, you were wrongly told you didn’t have Covid when, actually, you did. Through no fault of your own, the lives of your family and friends have been put in serious danger.

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