Stopping climate change can't be a lie we tell our children

With noted environmentalist, Dale Vince, we have written to the Government to require that it reviews the Airports National Policy Statement - or face legal proceedings. The claim, if successful, will mean Heathrow Airport expansion will have to meet much tougher environmental standards to get the go-ahead.

Since the third runway at Heathrow was approved in 2018, the UK Government has committed to net zero emissions by 2050 and on 4 December it pledged to cut carbon emissions by 68% by 2030. But as matters stand, Heathrow Airport can seek permission to expand under the earlier, laxer, regime.

We believe this is unlawful and that Government must revise and update the Airports NPS to take account of its new net-zero commitment in section 1 of the Climate Change Act 2008, via an amendment in 2019.

We believe the litigation has a strong chance of succeeding - the legal point in this challenge is basically the same as that on which the Government conceded in our judicial review earlier this year over the outdated Energy National Policy Statements.

Good Law Project and Dale Vince have instructed leading international firm Hausfeld & Co LLP. Hausfeld will be paid nothing, unless the litigation succeeds. The Counsel team will be led by Phillippa Kaufmann QC and includes Alex Goodman, who we’ve instructed on our successful Energy NPS challenge.

We can’t allow climate change targets to become lies we tell to our children and grandchildren. It's not too late to stop Heathrow expansion.

If you are in a position to do so, you can support our legal challenge here.

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