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Tell No 10 to stop the threats

“There’s been threats made to a few people that they won’t get funding for projects if they don’t side with the government… to try and hold back an entire area or prevent regeneration just to get you to vote for something you clearly don’t like, it’s not something I’m particularly comfortable with.”

Case overview

Those are the words of a Conservative MP. And it’s not the only time MPs have said they’ve been threatened with losing constituency funding if they don’t toe the party line in Commons votes.

It appears Number 10 used these threats in an attempt to punish voters to try and force MPs to spare Tory MP Owen Paterson from suspension, after he broke parliamentary rules by lobbying for a private firm that paid him £100,000 a year. One backbencher said MPs were told “they would lose funding for their constituency” if they failed to vote with the Prime Minister.