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The River Wye is under threat

Flowing across the border between England and Wales, the River Wye is one of our most beautiful and precious waterways. But it is dying because of the impacts of agricultural pollution. Run-off and slurry from intensive farming in Powys and Herefordshire is spilling into the river, degrading the habitats of a range of internationally important species.

Stephanie Barraclough / Shutterstock

Case overview

The latest serious threat is from a new farming development on the banks of the River Dore, which is a tributary whose waters run into the River Wye. Good Law Project is now supporting a legal bid to stop this from going ahead.

The plans, which have been given the green light by Herefordshire Council, will see the expansion of Bage Court Farm in the village of Dorstone, including the construction of a giant new livestock shed. The increase in manure run-off generated by this development will see yet more ecological damage inflicted on the Dore and by extension, the River Wye.