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Restore Trust: Shining a light on dark money influencers

Who pulls the strings of the shady groups at 55 Tufton Street? We’ve started a legal campaign to uncover this insidious network of think-tanks and lobby groups that influence our politics – and to expose who’s behind them.

Jasmin Omerika / Alamy Stock Photo

Case overview

For years sections of the media have worked to expose 55 Tufton Street and its outsized and malign hold over the Government via the opaque lobby groups and right-wing think tanks based there.

Now Good Law Project has embarked on a series of legal interventions focused on Tufton Street cronyism: undisclosed donors, misinformation, astro-turfing, opacity and lobbying.

Part of campaign:

  • Dark money in politics

    Uncovering the shadowy network of think-tanks influencing our politics

    Dark money in politics