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We’re taking legal action to uncover Palantir’s blanked-out contract

Almost three quarters of the contract between the tech giant and the NHS is completely blanked out. It’s time to see what it’s hiding.

Case overview

When we hand over our sensitive health data, we have to be able to trust that people will look after it. Even if you wanted to give the tech giant Palantir the benefit of the doubt, with its £330m contract to process NHS data there’s no way to tell: 417 out of 586 pages are completely blanked out.

We think this is not just completely unacceptable, but unlawful. Government policy requires public bodies to give reasons when contracts are redacted, but despite the massive scale of the redactions in Palantir’s contract no reasons have been given.

Part of campaign:

  • Protecting NHS patient data

    We’re fighting for transparency over how our sensitive health records are being handled

    Protecting NHS patient data