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Latest 30 May 2019

Citizens denied their votes in the European elections and the latest on Uber – Newsletter

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Here is what the Good Law Project has been up to recently…

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Citizens denied their votes in the European elections

The Good Law Project was horrified to learn of EU citizens resident here and UK citizens resident abroad being denied their votes. We asked, and paid for, urgent legal advice on what can be done to challenge the outcomes in light of this.

Our plan to sue HMRC over Uber’s tax dodging

As you may have seen in the Sunday Times, the Good Law Project is suing HMRC for failing to act in relation to Uber’s tax dodging. We are losing around £20m every month, money we desperately need for schools and hospitals and social care, and this cannot go on. We have now filed judicial review proceedings

In a previous blog post, we wrote how we were intending to bring judicial review proceedings in respect of its failure to assess Uber to what we now estimate to be more than £1.1bn of unpaid VAT and interest. HMRC has responded to our Letter Before Action. You can see their response here.

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Monocle has thrown in the towel

Over the year, we have been helping former intern Amalia Illgner sue the upmarket magazine Monocle, which is owned by former FT columnist Tyler Brûlé, for minimum wage. Monocle have thrown the towel in and admitted they (unlawfully) failed to pay minimum wage. You can read more about the settlement here.  

Our ‘No Deal’ Brexit medical shortages challenge

In our last newsletter, we told you that we had been granted an expedited permission hearing to challenge the Government’s serious shortage protocols (SSPs) for dealing with medicine shortages in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

Unfortunately, the Court of Appeal has dismissed our appeal against the refusal of permission and this litigation is now at an end. The Court of Appeal agreed that it raised important public interest issues but disagreed with our legal analysis.

We have never sought – and will never seek – to bring only cases where we are certain of success. We will litigate where we assess the public interest to lie. We are very grateful for the assistance of those who have funded us, the patient charities who supported this litigation, and our legal team. Our record can be seen here.   

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