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Latest 02 November 2023

Company that donated to Tories bags slice of £260m PPE deal

Last year the Government spent £312m on storing unused or unusable PPE bought during the pandemic. Why are they handing out huge new contracts for facemasks?

Twelve companies have been awarded a share of a whopping £260m to supply facemasks to the NHS, official contract records for October have revealed.

Globus (Shetland) Limited, a company that has previously donated £375,000 to the Tories, is set to receive an undisclosed portion of this huge contract. We have now asked the NHS to confirm just how much the company is set to gain from the deal.

The company saw a huge increase in profits after receiving a £94m PPE deal at the height of the pandemic, doubling its post-tax profits from £2.5m to £5m, then jumping again the following year from £5m to £40m.

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The Globus CEO, Haraldur Agustsson, has also attended gatherings of the Leaders Group dining club, established for high profile Conservative donors to mingle with senior politicians.

We have a lot of questions. Last year the Government spent £312m storing mountains of unused and unusable PPE, and it’s still spending about £580,000 a day – not to mention the vast sums wasted on burning it and throwing it away. Are these new contracts filling in gaps left by the shambles of Boris Johnson and his Ministers?

We will continue our work to get to the bottom of the deals that were struck and the mammoth waste of taxpayers’ money left in their wake.

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