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On the 30th August 2022, we launched “Empowered“, a series of articles to provide much-needed information and guidanceon your legal rights in the cost-of-living crisis.

You can read the first article in the Empowered series, on understanding the support available with your energy billshere.

The second article, on the welfare benefits available, can be found here.

The third article, on prepayment meters, is available here.

Have a specific question about the support available with the cost of living crisis? Please send it across to, using the subject line “Cost of living crisis question”. Our team will try to answer questions that are of relevance to larger categories of people affected by the cost of living crisis. However, our team cannot provide legal advice or specific advice relating to personal circumstances. 

If you want to receive important updates about our legal cases and campaigns, including future articles in the Empowered series, you can sign up here.