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Help Reunite Families UK fight the Minimum Income Requirement rise

Reunite Families UK

Last December, the Tories said they would double the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) – a minimum salary that British citizens and settled residents must earn if they want their loved ones to join them in the UK.

The government plans to raise the MIR in three stages. The first increase, from £18,600 to £29,000 came into force in April. By spring 2025 it plans to raise the threshold to £38,700. Yet 70% of the UK workforce earns less than this amount, and fewer than 15% of Home Office employees earn more than this salary.

Thousands of families have been separated since Theresa May first introduced these rules in 2012. This massive hike will mean that even more families will have to split up, while others will be unable to come back to the UK.

Even the current level is a struggle for many people – women in particular – who have been forced into single parenting and now juggle work and childcare while their partners are prevented from joining them in the UK.

And the new rules will significantly impact future generations encouraged to travel and live abroad, effectively preventing people from forming relationships with those they meet overseas due to the higher threshold.

Reunite Families UK is taking the government to court, standing up for the thousands of couples and families who get in touch every day, expressing their shock and concern that they can’t be with their loved ones in their country of birth or adoption.

We must stand up for our right to family life. Help us stop the cruel increase to the Minimum Income Requirement. Let’s keep families united.

    • While this policy was introduced by the Tories, Reunite Families UK will continue the legal challenge through the general election to ensure the incoming government adopts a family-friendly policy going forward.


Reunite Families UK is a lived-experience non-profit organisation supporting families who are affected by the UK’s spouse/partner migration policy and navigating the UK spouse visa process, including, in particular, visa applications under Appendix FM to the Immigration Rules. Set up initially as a Facebook group in 2017 by two mums affected by the spousal migration rules to help others also affected, it has since grown into the only non-profit organisation (CIC) that specifically deals with supporting and advocating for people impacted by the policy, with a membership of over 4,500 lived-experience individuals. To sign up to their newsletter, click here

Please note Leigh Day are the acting solicitors for Reunite Families UK. Good Law Project is providing support by running this crowdfunder. This campaign is not affiliated with any of Good Law Project’s cases. The net income raised, after payment processing fees, will be paid to Leigh Day’s client bank account. Good Law Project will not take a service fee or charge any core cost contributions.