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Latest 29 March 2023

Dark Money Uncovered

In a series of investigations, we expose the web of influence tangled around British politics.

Cash through the Carlton Club

A company controlled by a wealthy donor, believed to be a major funder of the far right in Germany, has donated another £50,000 to the Carlton Club – which has in turn given £1.3m to the Conservative Party.
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From Russia with receipts

A year on since Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, we can reveal that the Conservative Party is still receiving large donations from individuals and companies with links to Russia.
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Gambling with the regulations

With the government finally publishing the long-awaited white paper on gambling, our investigation has found that Conservative Party MP, Philip Davies, lobbied ministers to reduce regulations on behalf of an exclusive, London-based casino.
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Lobbying off the register

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Conservative MP, Liam Fox, lobbied the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, on behalf of an advisory group that had paid him £16,000 for just 21 hours’ work. According to reports, Fox wrote to the PM lobbying for a tax break for exporters.
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Dark money in politics

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Dark money in politics