Dublin Case

The Good Law Project is establishing, via the High Court of Ireland, whether our Parliament can, if it wants, reverse our decision to leave the EU.

The case seeks a referral to the Court of Justice of the EU of the question whether Article 50, once triggered, can unilaterally be revoked by the British government. Do we or don’t we need the consent of all other 27 EU member states.

If the CJEU were to rule that Article 50 is revocable, it would give the UK power to reject the outcome of Article 50 negotiations and remain in the EU should the Brexit negotiations yield a deal that was not acceptable to our Parliament or voters.

Jo Maugham QC said: “Establishing that the Article 50 notification can be revoked gives us a free option in an uncertain world. Whether to exercise that option is for the electorate. But no one can deny that our national interest is served by us having it.”

The plenary summons were filed with the Irish High Court in March. The Plaintiffs are targeting a hearing date of the application for a reference in June.

The £70,000 costs of the litigation were crowdfunded largely from small donations.

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