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Hold power to account in this election and beyond

With an election imminent, it’s crucial we continue to defend democracy and hold the powerful to account.

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Annual Report 2022–2023: Good Law Project went from strength to strength

Powered by our supporters, we notched up legal wins and campaigning victories, as laid out in our annual report. We’re building on that success in 2023

In 2022 we made great progress. We teamed up with Friends of the Earth and ClientEarth to force the Government to rewrite its failing net zero strategy. We uncovered the names of the MPs and officials who recommended their friends for fast-track access to the £37bn Test and Trace programme. And we revealed the links between the campaign group Restore Trust and the murky network of think-tanks and lobbyists based at 55 Tufton Street.

You’ll find further details of these cases and more in our Annual Report 2022-2023 (PDF).

We can’t always win in court – our challenge to the extreme waiting times experienced by trans people seeking treatment was rejected. But when we build a strong campaign we can still have a positive impact, as Jay Stewart explains in the report. You can also find information on our campaigning impact, engagement on social media, supporter growth, board and finances.

We’re always adding to our knowledge of the ways in which the law could be made to work better for us all. Our report also includes details of the survey we commissioned on declining levels of trust in the judiciary, as well as a call from the barrister Leslie Thomas KC for a legal system that can provide justice for all.

It’s thanks to the many donations we receive from our supporters that we can take so many cases to court, campaign against injustice and fight for positive change. We’re carrying on that fight in 2023.