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Latest 25 February 2019

Good Law Project’s Record in Crowdfunded Cases


Case Amount Raised* Result**
The Miller case on whether Parliament needs to give permission to trigger Article 50? £180,550 Success in the Divisional Court and the Supreme Court. Win.
Has Uber has dodged in excess of £1bn of VAT and interest? £127,650 We lost at first instance and are pursuing an appeal and a judicial review against HMRC. Not yet finally decided
Can the United Kingdom unilaterally revoke the Article 50 notice? £260,650 We withdrew our claim in Ireland and recommenced in Scotland. We lost twice in the Outer House of the Court of Session, won twice in the Inner House, succeeded in resisting an appeal to the Supreme Court, and won in the CJEU. Win.
Did Vote Leave break spending limits in the Referendum? £72,003 We succeeded in the Divisional Court. The Electoral Commission is pursuing an appeal. Not yet finally decided.
Must the Government produce its secret Brexit studies? £59,275 We lost at first instance and were pursuing an appeal when Government produced the studies voluntarily so the appeal became redundant. Not finally determined.
Do we keep our EU citizenship rights after any Brexit? £60,010 At first instance, the District Court referred the question to the CJEU. The Dutch Court of Appeal reversed the reference. Both courts held the answer could well be “yes” but that we should pursue the point after any Brexit. Not yet finally decided.
Resisting the deportation of two world class academics £24,275 The Home Office threw the towel in. Win.
Did the Electoral Commission fail to apply the law against the DUP/CRC? £52,799 We are awaiting an oral permission hearing. Not yet finally decided.
Are regulations to deal with drug shortages unlawful? £39,613 Lost


* Amount raised before Crowdjustice’s costs. Correct at time of writing on 25 February 2019

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** Correct at time of writing on 25 February 2019.