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How to contact us securely

Good Law Project uses SecureDrop and Threema to allow individuals to securely send us information and documents. The systems protect your identity, even from us, providing you follow the instructions below. 

How it works:

Threema is a secure messenger. It guarantees full anonymity: in contrast to other messengers, your identity in Threema does not depend on a phone number. Each Threema user gets a randomly generated, 8-digit Threema ID when starting the app for the first time. This ID is your unique address in Threema and makes it possible to use Threema completely anonymously, without disclosing any personal information like your phone number or email address.

Download the app here to get started and contact us securely on our Threema ID:  5CSHYRU5

SecureDrop servers are under the physical control of Good Law Project. SecureDrop does not record any information that could identify you, like your IP address, information about your browser, computer, or operating system. All Good Law Project will see is the information you send to us and a unique code name. 

All material submitted through SecureDrop is automatically encrypted. Good Law Project will decrypt and read each message on a computer that has never and will never be connected to the internet. 

What to do: