The Good Law Project is a non-profit, membership organisation that uses strategic litigation to deliver a progressive society.

Good Law Project Limited (Company Registration Number 10556197) is a company limited by guarantee. We are not a registered charity.

The Good Law Project has two overarching functions:

  1. To find and fight cases to defend, define or change the law
  2. To use litigation to engage and educate

How we are funded

The Good Law Project is funded by membership subscriptions and donations.

How the GLP spends its funds

We spend the funds we receive in the following areas:

  1. Litigating to defend, define or change the law
  2. Governance and Administration
  3. Communications and Research

As Director, Jo Maugham may be paid a salary by the GLP. That salary will never be more than that received by a backbench Member of Parliament.

Annual report

You will be able to read our audited 2017 annual accounts here when they become available.

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