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Latest 21 November 2022

The Charity Commission is reviewing our evidence

Fred Mack / Alamy Stock Photo

Charity Commission are reviewing our evidence and investigating the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Last month we wrote to the Charity Commission to express our concerns that a Tufton Street group is breaching charity law in its quest to influence the Government. The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), whose board has links to investors in oil, wants to water down measures to address climate change.

We supported a cross-party group of MPs in writing to the Charity Commission. The letter highlighted that GWPF is in breach of its duties as a registered charity, including through mismanagement of funds – spending several hundred thousand pounds’ worth on one-sided research – and having a financial relationship with its subsidiary, Net Zero Watch, which breaches key protections of charity law.

We are pleased to report that the Charity Commission has responded to us to say that they are actively considering the information we have shared with them. With our lawyers, we will be following the investigation very closely to prevent public subsidies as a result of having charity status from being misused.

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Making sure that the GWPF is investigated is an important step in our work to uncover dark money in politics and to push for transparency over who has influence over our Government.

But we need to raise awareness among the public that this is happening – will you sign and share our petition?