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Hold power to account in this election and beyond

With an election imminent, it’s crucial we continue to defend democracy and hold the powerful to account.

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Latest 17 November 2021

Take over our director’s Twitter account for a day

At Good Law Project, we’re probably best-known for our work scrutinising and holding the Government to account. 

But another essential part of our existence is supporting marginalised and under-represented communities and amplifying their voices. 

We call this area of work ‘No One Left Behind’, and through it we are working in partnership with communities to fight for children in care to be housed in their local areas, for trans people to have equal access to healthcare, and for clinically vulnerable families whose children were forced back into schools with no Covid safety measures. 

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It is our responsibility to use our platform to fight with and for people who are marginalised by society. But we don’t want to speak for you. We want to give you the keys to our platform so you can share your reality directly with our supporters. 

We first invited organisations to take over our Director Jo Maugham’s Twitter account in March this year, and we have had some brilliant individuals and groups share their stories and campaigns. 

But we’re not done there. We’re looking for more groups to work with us now and in the new year.

We want to hear from UK-based organisations representing survivors of modern slavery, care-experienced people, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, people with experience of the criminal justice system, refugees and asylum seekers, and many more.

To apply, please email with your name, organisation, and three examples of posts you’d like to share. Video clips, Twitter threads, and infographics are encouraged. If you do a take over, we will also link to your fundraising page in Jo’s Twitter bio for the day.

We will continue to do all we can to back those facing injustice. We can’t wait to work with you. 

Good Law Project only exists thanks to donations from ordinary people across the UK. If you’re in a position to support our work, you can do so here