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Livestream: #MeToo in the Media

31st May 2023

Watch Lucy Siegle in conversation with Jo Maugham on the British media’s culture of silence around sexual misconduct within its own ranks.

For years, management at the Observer failed to protect junior female colleagues from the sexual misconduct of high profile male journalists. But it is not just the Observer that has failed – it is so much of our media industry.

The journalist Lucy Siegle was one of the women who spoke out about her experience of sexual harassment by senior Observer columnist Nick Cohen. But Guardian News & Media actively discouraged complaints, and refused to take action on widespread reports of Cohen’s misconduct for years. Other UK media outlets, too, such as the Financial Times, Sunday Times and Daily Mail refused to report on the allegations for fear of shedding light on similar cases within their own walls.

We are proud to have helped Lucy bring her story to light, which was eventually reported by the New York Times this week.

Join Lucy and Jo at 5.00pm on Thursday 1st June to discuss the culture of misogyny and coverups in the British media, the difficulty that female journalists face when speaking out for their own safety in the face of institutional and legal threats, and what we can learn from recent cases if we want the British media to change for the better.

You can watch the livestream on our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages from 5:30pm on Thursday.

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