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Latest 06 August 2021

Good Law Project welcomes new board members

Good Law Project is delighted to welcome four new members to its non-executive Board. 

The wealth of experience, skill, and commitment of our strengthened Board will help steer the organisation as we build on our early successes and look ahead to new and exciting opportunities to advance our mission of using the law for a better world. 

Susan Morgan

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Susan’s work focuses on the ways in which technology and society intersect and her interests include democracy, human rights, disinformation and the uses of AI and data. She has worked in the private sector, the not for profit sector and philanthropy. She was the first Executive Director of the Global Network Initiative.

“I am delighted to join the Board of Good Law Project given the ability they have already shown to create in the words of the late US Congressman John Lewis ‘good trouble’”.

Justin Walters

Justin is a partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants, where he leads the Technology sector.

He is a non-executive director of Mumsnet and of MyClinicalOutcomes.

Good Law Project has done an amazing job exposing and confronting misuses of power, particularly in Government. The broader goal is to use the law to improve outcomes that matter. I’m keen to help wherever I can.”

Shameem Ahmad

Shameem is a public law and human rights lawyer. She has varied professional experience, including working in Government, NGOs, and the City. Shameem has served on the Board of Liberty and is currently a Board member of EachOther. She is also a Social Mobility Ambassador for The Law Society and is passionate about social justice and anti-oppression, weaving it into her work where she can. Shameem is in a civil partnership, has a growing family and spends most of her time in Bolton and London. She enjoys reading and has set herself the challenge of reading one book from each country.

At a time of public disillusionment with those occupying positions of power, Good Law Project has shown relentless courage in taking action to demonstrate that power can and must be wielded with care and skill. This was my main attraction to the role. I look forward to doing what I can to support the team as it takes us all to new frontiers.”

Mathew Lodge

Mathew is an experienced technology executive and CEO of an Oxford AI start-up. Early in his career, he wrote code that flew on the International Space Station and helped connect six countries to the Internet. He developed early cloud computing services and more recently led a highly popular machine learning and AI platform. A keen photographer, he has visited 35 countries and lived and worked in Hong Kong, San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas.

Good Law Project is a nimble, innovative non-profit that delivers extraordinary impact through strategic application of the law, and I’m delighted to help them grow their capabilities further. The UK is a stronger, more resilient democracy when it holds those in power accountable for their actions and dismantles systems that favour the connected over the capable.”

The new members join Rupert Evans (Chair) and Lord Wood of Anfield on the non-executive Board. You can read more about the Board and staff team here

It is only with your support that we can continue to hold Government to account. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here.