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Latest 18 June 2018

New crowdfunding campaign, Amsterdam, and Vote Leave – Newsletter

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We’ve been rather busy since our last newsletter…  

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Indentured labour in the UK

We launched a new crowdfunding campaign to take several outsourcing companies to court over their so-called ‘graduate programmes’. Capita, FDM and Sparta have been offering ‘training’ to young people who, after completion, are committed to stay with these companies for two years working on unfair terms. If they want to leave before completing their training or two years of work, the companies come after them demanding tens of thousands of pounds in wildly inflated ‘training’ fees. They become trapped in indentured labour. We believe there are many thousands of young graduates affected.

We have written to Capita and FDM, threatening legal proceedings. And we expect to sue them in the High Court in a matter of days. We want the High Court to declare these arrangements unlawful. The leading US firm, Crowell & Moring, has agreed to act without charge. We have two fantastic barristers – Sean Jones QC and Michael Lee – and they have agreed to act for a substantial discount.

But we still need your help. If we lose, we will have to pick up Capita, FDM and Sparta’s costs. We also believe they will try and buy off the brave individuals who have agreed to be test cases so the issue never gets to court. Don’t let these multi-billion pound companies prey on young people. Please support us here.

Our campaign has already attracted much media attention, with stories in The Guardian, The Independent, and The Morning Star. There will be further coverage in the coming days and weeks. If you have been caught up in this scam, please do get in touch.

Amsterdam case

In April, the GLP went to the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam. The Court heard the appeal of the Netherlands State against the decision of the District Court to refer to the Court of Justice of the EU the question of whether UK citizens (or some of them) retain their EU citizenship rights (or some of them) after Brexit. We are expecting to receive a decision on 19th June.

The Electoral Commission challenge

Also on 19th June, our judicial review of the Electoral Commission’s failure to police Vote Leave’s spending limits will take place.

You can read our Skeleton argument here.

For our crowdfunding campaign and further information about the case, please see here.

News from our director

Coinciding with the launch of our new crowdfunding campaign, our director Jolyon Maugham QC wrote an opinion piece for The Guardian.  

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