The public space sell-off: We’re going to the Supreme Court in December

We have a Supreme Court date!

On 7 December, Good Law Project and the Greenfields Community Group are going to the Supreme Court.

We will be fighting to protect a green space that’s been at the heart of one community for generations. And to defend our public interest in our green spaces. For almost 50 years, the Greenfields Recreation Ground, in Shropshire, was managed by the local council on behalf of the community. But in 2017, the council sold it to a developer, without consulting local residents or advertising the sale, despite being legally required to do so.

The Supreme Court only takes appeals that are of ‘general public importance’. This case is about the importance of public land serving the public. It’s about defending our right to have a voice in how green spaces, so vital to our wellbeing, are used.

You can read the legal grounds of the Greenfields Community’s appeal here.

We hope the Supreme Court comes to a conclusion that ensures the views and wellbeing of local communities are consulted when the sale of green spaces is being considered.

We are continuing to raise money to support this case; and to support more work to protect community spaces from private development.

If you are in a position to do so, you can donate to the legal action here.

Leigh Day are acting as solicitors for Peter Day, who is the Appellant in this case, and represents the interests of the Shropshire Greenfields Community Group.