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Latest 16 January 2020

Newsletter | Good Law Project Updates | January 15th 2019

Your suggestions

Our newsletter last week inviting suggestions generated a number of really helpful emails. Our director, Jolyon Maugham, had already been working with a university to address the dreadful outcomes of the care system; he himself had contact with the care system at school. We received a really helpful suggestion as to how litigation might improve the plight of children in care and we are identifying suitable Counsel to advise. The other case from our inbox that we are taking forward involves the vulnerability to mistreatment of those working on zero hours contracts. We will keep you posted about this too.

EU Citizenship

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We have received a number of emails from you asking whether we plan to revive this litigation which asked the question whether EU Citizenship for UK citizens might survive Brexit. The answer is, ‘yes’. We have asked a leading academic to take a fresh look at the question – the Court of Appeal in the Netherlands had concluded we had a reasonable argument but that the question was premature – and we will keep you updated.


Many of you were as angry as we were about comments made by the BBC’s Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg, in which she suggested it was illegitimate of Labour – and one assumes The SNP, Greens, Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and Independent MPs – to campaign for a second referendum in the December General Election. We made a complaint to the BBC about those comments which it, unsurprisingly, rejected. We have instructed Counsel to draft a further appeal to the BBC, which is the next step. We will of course keep you posted.

A broadcaster with the state backed funding model – and the utterly dominant position – of the BBC must be kept to the highest standards of independence.

We are looking for an experienced litigator

As you can see – even from this email alone – our workload is heavy and growing.

We plan to try and recruit an experienced solicitor or barrister specialising in litigation to work with us part time, helping us identify the right cases to take forward and farming them out to the appropriate specialists. Watch this space.

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