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Help us use the law to tackle dark money in politics

Jasmin Omerika / Alamy Stock Photo

We plan to do all we can to hold them accountable, and to use the law to tackle dark money in politics. Are you with us? Add your name now.

Right now we’re supporting MPs to investigate the Global Warming Policy Foundation – an organisation set up specifically to cast doubt over measures to address climate change.

Their undisclosed donors include investors in the oil industry and they’re part of the Tufton Street group of organizations with strong influence over the Government.

GWPF claims to exist for the purpose of educating the public, but the Charity Commission found the promotion of their views does not constitute education. In response, the Global Warming Policy Foundation set up a non-charitable arm – Net Zero Watch – to continue their lobbying work. We believe the way they are operating and funding this arm is in breach of charity law.

Breaking charity law and hiding behind anonymous donors to carry out lobbying is wrong. We want to root out those who have illegitimate influence over the Government and increase transparency around who is funding them and why.

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