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Protect our right to swim

Jo Bateman

It’s time for the government to stop letting water companies off the hook on sewage spills, so we can all enjoy our right to swim.

Our rivers, seas and coasts are swamped with sewage pollution, while people in power sit on their hands. Government inaction and underfunded regulation have allowed water companies to get away with environmental vandalism for too long.

We’re supporting Jo Bateman in her legal action against South West Water, who drove a fleet of lorries full of untreated sewage to a pumping station that was already spilling sewage into the sea, making it unsafe to swim off the beach at Exmouth.

We can’t allow our rivers, waterways and seas to be poisoned by pollution. We can’t stand by as swimmers get sick and lose their right to swim. And we can’t sit back as the dirty money made by water companies destroys the natural environment for us and for future generations.

It’s time for the government to take action, so that water companies are forced to clean up their act and we can all enjoy our right to swim.

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