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Stop the illegal extraction of coal now!

To: Merthyr Tydfil Council & Welsh Ministers

Bring an end the illegal extraction of coal at the open-cast mine at Ffos-y-Fran in South Wales.

Good Law Project is supporting Coal Action Network and the local residents they work with living in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, to end the illegal extraction of coal at the Ffos-y-Fran open-cast coal mine.

At the beginning of September last year, planning permission for the mine ended; however, the company, Merthyr (South Wales) Ltd, continued to extract coal illegally. Residents complained, but the local council refused to listen. After they gathered evidence, with the support of an anti-fossil fuel campaigning group, Coal Action Network, the council finally admitted that coal was still being extracted from the site.

“At times, the noise and dust, for 15-16 Hours a day, just 300m from our doorstep, has been beyond our worst nightmares. This mine has been a local and environmental disaster for 16 years; it’s time to bring it to an end for the benefit of us all. The Merthyr Community have had enough of this mine!” – Chris and Alyson, local residents

Shockingly, Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council has refused to stop the illegal coal mining immediately. In May this year, the council did put in place an enforcement notice, a legal document which told the company their mining operation was in breach of planning regulations. But Merthyr (South Wales) Ltd. appealed and continued to extract coal from this site. And they could do so for another 10 months while the appeal is considered. 

We believe the extraction of coal needs to cease now! So Good Law Project and Coal Action Network have sent a legal letter to the council and Welsh Ministers asking for a stop notice to be issued by 1 August 2023 at the latest; this would prohibit any further coal from being extracted.

Please sign our petition and join Good Law Project, Coal Action Network and the people of Merthyr Tydfil to get justice for the powerful local community and challenge the future of coal mining.

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