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Latest 17 August 2021

Rogue PCR testing companies

Cowboy PCR testing companies are fleecing ordinary people out of hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. They are charging a fortune for PCR tests and then often failing to deliver the tests or results when promised. 

These companies are looking to profit from the misery of the pandemic, with little regard for the people whose money they’re taking. We don’t think they should be allowed to get away with it. If you’ve been affected, here’s how you can try and get your money back.

The first step is sending a complaint email to the company. We’ve prepared a template email. All you need to do is fill in a few of the details about what’s happened to you, find the email address for the company, which will be on its website, and hit send. 

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Click the button below to get started. You just need to fill in your details and then you will be able to download the template email or copy and paste it.

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Once you’ve sent the email, here’s what will happen next:

  1. You should set up an account on the Government’s site, Money Claim Online. It’s free and if you set up your account now it means you can escalate your claim with the small claims court quickly if you don’t receive a refund.
  2. If the company doesn’t provide you with a refund, and you think your claim is one worth pursuing, Good Law Project will prepare a template claim form that you can edit as you see fit and submit to the small claims court. We’ll email this to you. 
  3. At this point, if you do have a good claim it’s very likely the company will provide you with a refund. It will be cheaper for them to pay than fight the claim. If they don’t, Good Law Project will share a skeleton claim that will be free for everyone to use.

The law is a tool to hold the powerful to account. We have badly-behaved businesses, as well as politicians, firmly in our sights.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, what’s in it for Good Law Project? The answer is nothing. We just don’t like seeing people being taken advantage of. We’d like you to join our mailing list – if you want to but you don’t have to. And if you get your money back you may choose – it’s completely up to you – to make a small donation to us to enable us to do more work like this. But that’s it.

Good Law Project only exists thanks to donations from ordinary people across the UK. If you’re in a position to support our work, you can do so here.