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Latest 15 May 2024

Solicitor general to appeal Trudi Warner decision

The High Court threw out the solicitor general’s ‘fanciful’ attempt to prosecute Trudi Warner for contempt of court. Now this Tory minister has lodged an appeal.

The High Court delivered a stinging rebuke to the solicitor general last month, calling his attempt to prosecute Trudi Warner for contempt of court “fanciful”, and declaring that he had “mischaracterise[d] the evidence”. But the minister has decided to appeal that decision.

Mr Justice Saini ruled that there was no basis to take action against Trudi Warner, a 69-year-old retired social worker and climate protester who held up a sign outside Inner London Crown Court that said, “Jurors: you have an absolute right to acquit a defendant according to your conscience.”

The solicitor general – a Tory minister who advises the government on the law – tried to prosecute Warner for contempt of court. But, in what seemed to be a huge win for democracy, the High Court decided that Warner’s conduct did not amount to contempt and that the attempt to prosecute her was disproportionate.

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This should have meant that – after more than a year of arrests, hearings, and the threat of up to two years in prison – Trudi’s ordeal was over. But lawyers for the solicitor general, Robert Courts, have said they are appealing against last month’s decision, leaving Trudi facing another long and uncertain wait.

According to our legal manager Jennine Walker, the High Court was “clear there was no basis to take action against Trudi Warner”.

“The solicitor general’s decision to appeal is chilling evidence of how far removed the government is from truth and justice and the lengths it will go to to try and silence protest,” Walker said.

“The UK government is not doing enough to prevent the damage caused by the climate crisis. Yet people like Trudi who call them out are threatened with jail. This case exposes the warped priorities of a government with no answers to the big problems.”

At Good Law Project, we’re proud to stand with Trudi. Hundreds of people, including many of our supporters, have been inspired to hold the same sign as Trudi in solidarity. We believe that justice was – belatedly – done at Trudi’s first hearing. Whatever happens with this appeal, we will continue to stand up for our right to peaceful protest, and put pressure on the government to tackle the climate emergency.

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