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Latest 17 August 2023

Video: Sued for speaking out

“We’ll never end violence against women if we are not allowed to speak about it.” – Nina Cresswell

In 2010 Nina Cresswell was assaulted whilst walking home by Billy Hay. Despite going to the police the case was dropped. After exhausting every other channel to report her assault, she named her attacker online during the #MeToo movement to help protect other women. In response, Hay sued her for defamation. In a landmark verdict, she won her case against him earlier this year with the support of Good Law Project.

We sat down with Nina to find out what the experience of being sued was like, her motivation to keep fighting, and what the impact of her case means for her and for other women who wish to speak out against their attackers.

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Nina’s case tells British women that speaking out about sexual assault – especially in a bid to protect other women – is in the public interest. This significant shift in the law of defamation will help to prevent survivors from being silenced by those that cause them harm