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Latest 23 February 2021

The PPE Fiasco – Timeline

On 27 March 2020, Government opened its portal inviting tenders for PPE on the website and received 24,000 offers from 16,000 suppliers.  It has spent – and this is the Treasury’s own figure – a staggering £15 billion​. And, surprisingly, three of the biggest beneficiaries were companies specialising in pest control, a confectionery wholesaler, and an opaque private fund owned through a tax haven.

Why? We do not know. And Government is not helping – it has ignored the usual rule that contracts should be published within 20 days.

But Good Law Project, working with EveryDoctor, means to find out. Our intention is to pursue judicial review claims in respect of the Pestfix, Clandeboye and Ayanda contracts. 

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You can read the legal documents and correspondence in this case below:

10th June 2020: We sent the first Pre-Action Protocol letter: available here

15th June 2020: We sent a further Pre-Action Protocol letter: available here

1st July 2020: We received a response from Government Legal Department to our Pre-Action Protocol letters: available here

29th July 2020: Acknowledgement of Service: available here

29th July 2020: Defendant’s Summary Grounds of Resistance: available here

4th August 2020: Claimants’ reply to Summary Grounds of Resistance: available here

11th November 2020: Court bundle: available here

17th November 2020: Initial permission decision: available here

18th February 2021: Further permission decision: available here

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