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Latest 21 January 2022

This bullying could be criminal – and we have written to the PM

Following revelations of bullying from several MPs, lawyers for Good Law Project have written to the Prime Minister and Michael Gove threatening judicial review proceedings for misusing Ministerial powers – and pointing out that the revelations may amount to the criminal offence of misconduct in public office.

Yesterday, the MP for Bury South went on record to say the Government threatened to scrap plans to build a school in his constituency unless he voted with the Government. Imagine threatening to punish school kids to save your own skin.

Sadly, this latest revelation doesn’t come as a shock. The newspapers have carried stories for months that the Government has been blackmailing MPs by threatening to punish their constituents unless they toed the party line.

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Reports suggest the Government has used these dirty tactics to pressure MPs to vote a certain way on everything from free school meals to cutting international aid. They are also said to have used these threats to force a vote to save the disgraced former MP Owen Paterson from suspension.

If proven, the allegations could amount to misconduct in public office – a criminal offence. And they would amount to an unlawful misuse of Ministerial powers.

Good Law Project had already written to the Government regarding these underhand tactics. They tried to brush the allegations off.

But now more MPs and former MPs are breaking cover to confirm these reports and we are once again demanding answers from the Government. We want to know if they are investigating these serious allegations from their own MPs. If not, why not? We also want full sight of any complaints made by MPs.

If answers aren’t forthcoming, we are likely to commence further legal action against the Prime Minister.

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