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Latest 10 December 2021

Why should they be subject to different rules to the rest of us?

In the very building where the rules were being made, they were being broken. No 10 advisors were reportedly having parties. Those closest to Boris Johnson laughed as they practiced how to lie to us about it. 

There have been multiple reports from people in attendance that a party of 40 – 50 people took place in the Prime Minister’s own home on 18 December 2020. This would have been a clear breach of the ‘tier 3’ restrictions in place at the time. 

Yet, unbelievably, the Met Police claims there isn’t enough evidence to open a criminal investigation. 

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Boris Johnson and his Cabinet have shown us what they think about the ‘little’ people. Our sacrifices are just something to laugh at. They think that the laws of the land don’t apply to them. 

But the law says we are all equal. And the Metropolitan Police need to apply it. 

It’s shocking just how much damage to public confidence in policing and the rule of law the top brass at the Met are prepared to do to avoid an embarrassing confrontation with Number 10. 

It seems the Met have forgotten their role is to investigate crime. We intend to remind them.

Our lawyers have today written to the Met asking them to open an investigation, or if not, to provide the full and detailed reasons behind their refusal to do so. We’re also asking the Met to provide details of its policy ‘not to investigate retrospective breaches of the Covid regulations’, referred to in its statement of 8 December 2021. 

If they fail to do this, we will be left with little choice but to consider suing.

You can read our letter to the Met in full here.

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We recognise that this is a difficult challenge, so we will assess the response we get before launching fundraising for this case.