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Latest 14 February 2024

Turning Tory waste into shards of hope

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We exposed how the Government was selling off £135m of unused ventilators at a knock-down price.  Now a charity is buying them up to put them to good use.

The decision of Tory Ministers to turn the national tragedy of the Covid pandemic into a gold rush for its friends is one of the sorriest episodes in our nation’s history. Billions of pounds that should have been spent testing cancer victims, or providing meals for the hundreds of thousands of children sent to school hungry, or providing care to the elderly ended up instead in the pockets of wealthy Tory spivs. And that greed has devastated trust in Government – more than half of UK voters think it is “institutionally corrupt”.

One tiny crumb of comfort has been the work of the Medi Tech Trust, a small charity which has been crowdfunding to buy at a fraction of their original cost the unused ventilators we purchased at enormous expense. These are then sent to hospitals in Africa. 

Good Law Project does not often make direct donations. When the Government reversed its decision and started funding free school meals during Covid, we had some thousands of pounds left over from our challenge – and we donated this money to food banks. And when Russia invaded Ukraine we funded a case worker with Asylum Aid to help refugees from the war. We think that it is for you, our supporters, to decide on the causes you want to support – and not for us to reallocate your funds.

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But here it also feels right. And we have made a donation of £5,000 to the excellent work of Medi Tech Trust to buy some of the Government’s stock of unused ventilators, in the hope that some tiny piece of good might emerge from this fiesta of greed.