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Latest 23 March 2021

Twitter Takeover

One of the strands of work I am proud of at Good Law Project is our “no one left behind” strand. Under it we’ve challenged the Government’s failure to protect low-income families during the pandemic, developed ground-breaking litigation to protect the rights of care leavers and trans people, and are working with grassroots organisations to tackle the injustice of the Windrush compensation scheme.

Through this, and other, work I have a platform. And I want to share it with groups who our media, politics and society marginalises. I can’t – and don’t want to – speak for them. Communities should have their own voice – not have their reality mediated by mine. But there is one very modest way in which I can help.

I am inviting campaigners and charities who represent marginalised groups to take over my Twitter account; to speak of your reality to a new audience. On that day my Twitter bio will link to a page on which you can, should you want, offer financial support to that group.

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To understand our common humanity we must listen and hear.

We hope to give a platform to victims of modern slavery, those who have experienced care, traveller communities, released prisoners, those seeking refuge here, and others.

To apply, please email with your name and/or organisation and 3 examples of the posts you want to share. Video clips, Twitter threads, and infographics encouraged.

The takeover begins next Wednesday 31st March 2021…watch this space for further announcements.