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Latest 15 October 2020

University Accommodation

We are looking to find university students who are stuck paying for their university-owned accommodation, despite their tuition having now moved online.

If you’re affected, please contact with the following info:

        • What uni do you attend?
        • What were you told about tuition before you arrived? Were you promised face-to-face teaching?
        • Were you told by uni you had to be physically present when term started?
        • How is your teaching now delivered? If online only, for how long has uni said this will be the case?
        • What has your uni said will happen to your accommodation contract if you decide to go home now (where you can participate in online teaching) or defer your course until next year? Would you have to pay the accommodation costs anyway?
        • Can you please provide a copy of:
          • your accommodation contract
          • any correspondence with uni before the start of term about physically returning and/ or tuition moving online
          • any correspondence with uni about what would happen to your accommodation contract if you decided to go home now to do online teaching or defer your course until next year?

The information you provide to Good Law Project may be passed to our legal team, who are external contractors, in order for us to be able to build a strong legal campaign. If our legal team think that they can support you going forward, they may contact you directly to discuss your situation. We will be processing your data on the basis of consent. You can find out more about your rights here:

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