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Case update 23 August 2021

Good news: We’re going to Court

The High Court has granted permission for our legal challenge to the “Levelling Up Fund”. The huge £4.8bn fund pretends to be the centrepiece of a levelling up agenda – but we think it’s just a way to funnel money into constituencies of political benefit to the Conservative Party. 

This permission decision means the Government will have to defend itself in Court. It’s the latest in a string of permission decisions that have gone in Good Law Project’s favour. Of the 14 cases we have issued since the start of 2020, the Court has granted permission in 11 at the first time of asking. Since 2010, official statistics show that this has only happened in 17% of all judicial reviews. Good Law Project’s success rate on the other hand is a staggering 78%. Judges clearly agree that the Government is acting in ways that deserve closer scrutiny, and they see the importance of the cases we bring.

Building a judicial review that makes it to Court is no easy feat. It takes weeks, often months, of painstaking effort to identify the right legal point and gather evidence and witness statements to build a powerful case. We can only do this work because of monthly donations from people like you. Your contributions help to pay for the salaries of our small team of in-house lawyers and paralegals, our computers, and our office space. They help to keep Good Law Project going.

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