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Case Update

Ministers, private emails and security risks: High Court orders urgent hearing

7th October 2021

Boris Johnson and at least three Ministers past and present – Matt Hancock, Lord Bethell and Greg Hands – have routinely breached national security guidance by using private emails and messaging apps for Government business. 

This, as the Government openly acknowledges, leaves them open to malicious cyber attacks. Use of private emails and private messaging also helps Ministers dodge scrutiny when handling vast sums of taxpayers’ money. 

We have reason to believe that this is the tip of a large iceberg.

Given the issues raised in our claim, the High Court has now ordered an urgent hearing to consider how to take the claim forward.

This is a very welcome development. Our legal team will be in the High Court on Monday 25 October. We will keep you updated.

If you’re in a position to donate to the legal challenge, you can do so here


This article is part of our Private emails, public accountability? case

Government Ministers have been using private email accounts to conduct official business. This was the case throughout the pandemic, when Boris Johnson and others were making important, costly decisions. So far our legal action to challenge the practice hasn’t succeeded, but we’re not giving up. We’re now seeking an appeal hearing in the Supreme Court.

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